Honda Air Blade 2013 Review

New Motorcycle Review - Honda Air Blade 2013 will be comes in Vietnam on December 30, 2012. This scooter comes with a new design, that more modern and equipped with the latest technologies. Honda Air Blade 2013 also eqquiped with ACG starter that make smooth machine when it is first turned on. For save fuel Honda installing with idling stop system. You can enable and disabled the idling stop system via a button on the handlebars.

One smart feature owned Honda Air Blade is Intelligent vehicle location system - help owners to search Honda Air Blade in a dark parking area where the headlights on and the horn sound. You just press the button on the key to turn on the lights and honk the horn. Honda Air Blade 2013 available in 3 types; Standard, Deluxe and Deluxe Limited.
New Honda Air Blade
Honda Air Blade
Honda Air Blade Picture
Honda Air Blade Interior

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